Five Ways to Fund a Boob Job

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Boob jobs are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available and millions of women pay to have their breasts enlarged every year. However, despite their popularity, boob jobs are not without their controversy. In the last few years reports of breast implants made from industrial grade silicon have hit the headlines, casting doubt on the safety of boob jobs. But the bad publicity hasn’t stopped women from queuing up to have their breasts enlarged, so if you want to go from an A cup to a DD cup, what is the best way to fund the operation?

Save Up

In this buy now-pay later world, saving up for the things we want has become very unfashionable, but it really is the best way to pay for things. Saving up enough money to pay for a boob job will take time and commitment. Work out how much you can afford to put away each month and channel this extra cash into a savings account. If possible, do overtime at work or take on a part-time job to help boost your savings. In time the extra money will boost your bra size.

Take Out a Loan

A popular way of funding breast enlargement surgery is to take out a loan. Most cosmetic surgery clinics will offer finance packages, but if you prefer, take out a personal loan from a bank or building society. You don’t even have to tell them what you need the money for if you are shy. Alternatively, put the cost on an interest fee credit card if you are confident you can pay the money back before the interest free period ends.

Ask for Donations to Your Boob Job Fund

If taking out a loan is not an option, try asking friends and family to help you out by making donations into your boob job fund at Christmas and for your birthday. You could also go online and ask strangers to contribute to your savings. There are websites where women can ask other members to help fund their boob jobs in return for friendship and online chat.

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Persuade a Boyfriend to Pay

Since your boyfriend will almost certainly benefit from you having bigger boobs, try asking him if he’s willing to pay for the cost of the operation. If he can afford it, he might consider a boob job a fantastic investment in his future happiness. Just don’t ask him to pay for the operation and then dump him—that would be very cruel.

Marry a Cosmetic Surgeon

A fool-proof way to enjoy free cosmetic surgery for life is to marry a cosmetic surgeon. Every time you fancy bigger and better boobs, your husband will be able to do the operation for free. Think of all the money you would save, not to mention the fact that you would receive the best possible care and attention.

Breast enlargements are not something to be undertaken lightly. A boob job is a surgical procedure and things can and do go wrong, but if you do decide to have your breasts enlarged, make sure you choose a reputable surgeon.

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